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Client Wardrobe

I am constantly asked about the clothes my boys wear.  When my oldest was first born, I was struck by the amount of options for girls' clothing and how limited boys clothes were in the shops.  Despite this imbalance, even the girls options were pretty much just more of the same.  

This led me to start my first business, Mama & Nugget.  I began making my own children's clothes to fill the void I found for beautiful boys clothing.  On this path, I also found an even better world of clothing for girls.  Clothes with style; clothes with an ethical and sustainable production;  clothes for adventure; clothes that support other WFHMs (working from home mums) and clothes made to last! 

I appreciate that these clothes appear expensive at first (this is another discussion) and if this world of handmade clothing is new to you, it can be a little overwhelming.  I have hints and tips available on my Instagram page, however, if you're after a quick bit of help and styling then our client wardrobe might be for you!  

Easier on the pocket than buying your own photoshoot wardrobe, super cute, handpicked just for you with your preferences at the forefront. I have broken this option down to make it easier, and hopefully more affordable, for you to achieve your desired look. 

If you need help, just drop me a message!

Basic Wardrobe Hire £20

Your child will cost just £20 to style.  Whether this includes winter jumpers, our handmade knits or just a summer romper, this will cover the basic look of your child for their photoshoot.



Additional Children £15

Each additional child will cost £15, a discount of £5 per child.


Animal Bonnets from £5

We have an extensive collection of handmade animal and seasonal bonnets.  Some are available in matching, different sizes, some are only available in one size and style.  We are working to build this collection and availability and with enough time and notice, we may be able to ensure we have exactly what you are looking for. 

Bonnet hire is £7 a bonnet with a £5 charge for additional children.



The finishing touch... shoes!  They really do complete the outfit.  

There are a number of photogenic options available to help finish off the look.  If you only have neon options that draw the eye to your choice in footwear as opposed to your little love's face, maybe we can help!  We are building this collection but we have a number of options already that are available for hire.  Another option to consider (weather and location permitting) is going barefoot!  We are Little & Wild after all!

Footwear hire is variable, please enquire.


Get in touch to discuss your wardrobe of dreams!

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